On Thursday, April 11, Darien’s Planning & Zoning Commission will be continuing its Public Hearing on a Town proposal to comprehensively amend the town’s business and office zone regulations, and to amend the Darien zoning map to reflect those text amendments.
The hearing is at 8 p.m. in the Mather Center Café Extension, Room 113, at 2 Renshaw Road. Darien residents are encouraged to attend to learn more about the specific proposal being put forth by the town.
The proposed amendments are the product of a long-range, multi-year planning process, intended to implement select goals and objectives of the 2016 Town Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD). The Planning & Zoning Commission and Department staff, with the assistance of Glenn Chalder of Planimetrics, the Town’s Planning Consultant, have worked collaboratively with residents and business owners throughout the town and other interested parties to develop the proposal in its current form.
The proposed amendments revisit permitted uses within the town’s business and office zones, and in certain cases, consolidate and combine existing zoning districts to eliminate redundancies and to allow for more efficient administration of the regulations by the Planning & Zoning Commission.
Included among the amendments being proposed by the Commission are: Creating new restaurant categories, which will not limit or restrict indoor seating; permitting restaurants within the Neighborhood Business Zone; modifying parking requirements for certain uses and clarifying in which zones parking structures are to be permitted; eliminating hotels, motels, and inns as permitted uses within the town; establishing policy for a variety of drive-through uses, including for food and financial related uses; greatly expanding permitted uses and allowing for three-story buildings within the town’s new office zone; and clarifying the nature of the Municipal Use Zone as an overlay zone.
Additionally, the SB and SB-E zones are proposed to be combined into a single Service Business (SB) Zone; the DB-1 and DB-2 zones are proposed to be combined into a new Designed Business (DB) Zone; and the OB, DOR-1 and DOR-5 zones are proposed to be combined into a new Designed Office (DO) Zone.
In addition to more information being provided during the Public Hearing on the matter, the proposed text and zoning map amendments are also on file and available for review in the Town Clerk’s Office, the Planning & Zoning Office, and online at darienct.gov/pzc. Public comment on the application cannot be accepted following the close of the public hearing.