At 8:30 a.m.,  on Tuesday, Sept. 11, Darien’s Monuments & Ceremonies Commission invites the public, first responders and town officials to a memorial service at the 9/11 Monument, located on the grassy area behind Middlesex Middle School on Hollow Tree Ridge Road. Carved into the 36” x 75” granite stone is the inscription, “May We Never Forget,” with the date: “September 11, 2001.”  The memorial is flanked by two tall trees on either side symbolizing the twin towers. Phil Kraft, former chairman of the Monuments & Ceremonies Commission, has agreed to conduct this ceremony one last time.

An Eagle Scout project, conceived, funded and installed by then Darien High School freshman, Josh Doying who belonged to Boy Scout Troop 53, the memorial was dedicated on Sept. 11, 2003. After the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, patriotic citizens displayed the American flag everywhere. Josh cut out a flag from the newspaper and taped it to his bedroom wall. He noticed how it faded and he was concerned that the community’s and nation’s memory of this tragedy might fade as well. Josh wanted an enduring memorial and selected the location so that students would see the stone and ask about its meaning.

Josh drew the plans, approached then First Selectman Bob Harrell and the Monuments & Ceremonies Commission for approval, raised the funds and oversaw the installation of the project. Josh even left a residual fund so that the trees could be replaced if necessary.

Organizers encourage everyone to attend this year’s ceremony.