On Monday, July 17,  7 to 8:30 p.m., The Depot will offer a talk regarding how to stand out in a crowd during highly selective college admissions.

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to get into a school like Harvard?  While this seminar alone will not get students into Harvard (if it could, we’d need a LOT more seats), we will tell you how schools like the Ivy Leagues, Stanford, Northwestern and the rest of the nation’s most selective colleges make decisions from pools full of the most qualified applicants.

We’ll explain what those admitted students do to set themselves apart from the rest of the applicant pool, and we’ll reveal some Collegewise strategies to improve a student’s chances of admission.  Of course, it wouldn’t be very Collegewise of us not to remind you that we don’t think the most selective schools are necessarily the best for everyone.  But they are the right choices for some students and we think this seminar can help our students make even better college planning decisions.

This seminar is free  but reservations are required to attend:


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