THURSDAY: The Truth Worth Telling with Darien's Scott Pelley, final DCA neighbor series speaker

Darien's Scott Pelley will be the last speaker in the DCA's Darien Neighbors, Global Players series.
Darien's Scott Pelley will be the last speaker in the DCA's Darien Neighbors, Global Players series.

The next and last in the Darien Community Association's series, Darien Neighbors, Global Players, will be with Scott Pelley, Correspondent, 60 Minutes, on the Truth Worth Telling, on Thursday, May 2, 7 p.m. reception, 7:45 p.m. presentation.

Scott Pelley is among the most experienced reporters in American journalism and he has been a correspondent to the award-winning CBS 60 Minutes since 2004. In his almost 30 years at the network, Pelley has also been the anchor and managing editor of The CBS Evening News, covering the major stories of our times and interviewing the news makers who have changed our world. Barrett Bookstore will be offering a special presale of his forthcoming memoir, Truth Worth Telling, at the event.

The Darien Times did a Q&A with Pelley in advance of the May 2 event — our questions and his answers are below. 

Why do we continue to need good journalism?

There is no Democracy without journalism. “We the People” must have reliable, politically neutral information to make decisions for our families and for the country. The quality of our democracy is tied to the quality of our journalism.

What is your opinion of the definition of reliable news sources vs. unreliable?

Never before has more information been available to more people. But it is also true that never before has more bad information been available to more people. Readers must take responsibility for discriminating between reliable publications and those that pose as news outlets to pursue an agenda.

What do you think is the biggest threat to today's state of journalism?

There is a perception among some that because news distribution has been revolutionized by the internet, then the rules of content have changed. The rules of content never change. On every story the journalist must ask, “Is it right? Is it fair? Is it honest?” Some have abandoned journalism for gossip to boost their clicks.

Why would you encourage a young person today to go into the industry of journalism and reporting the news?

In my book, Truth Worth Telling, I recall that James Madison wrote, “Freedom of the Press is the only effectual guardian of every other right.” America enjoys the best journalism in the world. Journalists bridge differences, serve public safety, expose corruption, constrain power and give voice to the voiceless.

Finally, why did you and your family choose Darien for your home? What is it that makes it where you want to be?

Darien is an oasis of calm in our hectic lives. We were drawn here because we liked the beauty, the schools, and the convenience. We stayed because we fell in love with the people.

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