Three high school students might have a once-in-a-lifetime task at hand — they’re helping to create the logo for Darien’s 200th anniversary celebration.
The celebration will take place in 2020, with festivities from March to June.
According to Sarah Lexow Keena, a member of the town’s 2020 Committee who is coordinating the logo contest, the students recently sat down with a professional graphic designer to work on the logo.
“They’ve come up with a design and it’s now being fine tuned,” said Keena at the town’s recent bicentennial committee meeting at Town Hall. Everything is still tentative.
She added that the “most fascinating” part of the entire process was to put three students — who are all juniors — in a room with the graphic designer. “They had all discussed various aspects of the things that we had talked about,” she said. “They took all the designs in the thought process.”
With a bunch of pens and markers, the students sat in the library and worked on the logo design, she said.
“It was an absolutely wonderful collaboration of the three students,” Keena said. “They were looking at logos from all over the country for ideas. It was just wonderful to watch. I’m really proud of them all.”
The students created three different versions of the logo. Nothing has been finalized yet.
They are now writing a bio on themselves so the public can learn about them.
Susan Cator, director of the Darien Chamber of Commerce, received three bids from printing companies on marketing materials that the commission plans to mail to residents, to spread the word about the 2020 celebration.
Printing companies mentioned were: EPOD, Minuteman Press, and Action Letter.
Commission members agreed to get one more bid before they made their decision. Nothing has been finalized yet.
They expressed an interest in mailing out a reminder card for spring and fall bicentennial events.
They also spoke about holding a scavenger hunt that people can do on their own time.
There is $5,000 earmarked from the town for the 2020 celebration, Bicentennial Commission Chairman Alan Miller said.
Commission members discussed getting corporate sponsors to help supplement the costs of the celebration. They have a list of local businesses they plan to contact.
“I think the sponsors is a critical element,” Cator said. “I think it’s an incredible opportunity for any company that has an historical significance in the town.”
She recommended starting to spread the word now to businesses, to contribute to the celebration — prior to when the businesses go through their budget process.