It's spring which means the time of year baby animals are born.

Above, a new family of swans graces Gorham's Pond. Friends of Gorham's Pond president Lucia Zachowski said a pair of swans return to the pond every year. Currently there is another set of swans sitting on a next. Because they are aggressive and will abandon a nest if it is disturbed, it isn't clear exactly when the eggs hatched.

Nina Miller of the Darien Nature Center has advised in the past that spring is the time of year where baby animals will often be encountered — including some that might appear abandoned.

If it appears injured, she advises to go to Connecticut Wildlife Rehabilitators Association and find the list of licensed Wildlife Rehabilitators.  Keep the list handy and give one a call.  Please don’t drop off orphaned or injured wildlife at the doorstep of a Veterinary or Nature Center building. They are then easy prey for other animals.

"Depending on the situation, you may be advised to try the best strategy and that is to reunite the babies with the mom, even if she is not within sight at the moment. Wear gloves when touching wild baby animals. Keep dogs and cats away. If reuniting doesn’t work, call the rehabber back and she/he can tell you where to bring the baby. Be prepared to answer pertinent questions as the state requires good records be kept by all rehabbers," she said.

Please visit the Darien Nature Center’s Website for more information.