Darien’s top salaries once again are largely school district employees. Only two of the top 20 salaries of 2018 are employees on the town side. Kate Clarke Buch, town administrator, is at No. 12, with a salary of $173,228. Darien Chief of Police Ray Osborne is at No. 13 with a salary of $162,768.
While normally Darien’s school superintendent tops the salary list, with an interim superintendent, Elliot Landon, currently in place, assistant school superintendents Shirley Klein and Susie Da Silva tie for the top salary of $205,249.
Dr. Elliot Landon, who is serving as Darien’s interim superintendent, is capped at making 45 percent of the posted salary (of the previous superintendent). In 2018, he earned $65,924.95. Dr. Daniel Brenner, Darien’s previous superintendent, earned $269,496. Brenner resigned last "spring to take a job as the head of the United Nations School.
Darien High School principal Ellen Dunn is number 3 with a salary of $201,267.

Rounding out the top five Darien salaries are Michael Feeney, director of finance, and Majorie Cion, diretcor of human resources, both earning $190,773.
Shelley Somers, Middlesex Middle School principal, is No. 6, with a salary of $188,138.
The next four are the elementary school principals — Paula Bleakley for Holmes, Luke Forshaw for Ox Ridge, Mary Michelson for Tokeneke, and Dean Ketchum for Royle, each at $182,067. Hindley School currently has an interim principal who is not included on the list.