Approximately 200 residents turned out for the first town-wide carolling on Rings End Bridge last weekend, organized by the Friends of Gorham's Pond on Sunday night. All photos and video by Laureen Vellante.

Lucia Zachowski, president of Friends of Gorham’s Pond, said while prepping for the holiday season, she thought it was unfortunate that Darien didn’t have a traditional caroling event.

“I decided to float the idea with (First Selectman) Jayme (Stevenson) and the Darien Police and it just took off on its own,” she said.

The response from the community has been “amazing,” Zachowski said.

She said that a similar event was attempted at Tilley Pond about 20 years ago and it couldn’t get off the ground.

Zachowski said that it isn’t just the nearby familiarity of Rings End Bridge that prompted her to chose that location..

“It is an incredibly beautiful spot. Having had the benefit of being able to walk there myself — it is a very inspiring, natural, beautiful place,” she said.