Darien SEPAC and Darien Library will offer a talk from Paula Kluth, Ph.D., expert on autism and inclusive education, in a talk called Inclusion: What every parent should know.

The event will be  on Tuesday, April 30, 12 to 1:30 p.m. in the Darien Library Community Room. Kluth will provide new strategies and ideas to help parents partner with their child's teacher.

Please RSVP: dariensepac@gmail.com

In this presentation, participants will learn about recent research on inclusive classrooms, useful supports, and helpful questions to guide your next meeting. Video clips, active learning techniques, and classroom examples will be used to answer questions such as what is inclusion, is inclusion right for my child,  and how can I support my child’s inclusive education experience?

Through her work as an independent consultant with professionals across the country, Kluth helps educators and families create responsive, engaging schooling experiences for students with disabilities and their peers, too.

Kluth has written or cowritten several books for Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co., including “You’re Going to Love This Kid!”: Teaching Students with Autism in the Inclusive Classroom, Second Edition (2010); Pedro’s Whale (2010); From Tutor Scripts to Talking Sticks: 100 Ways to Differentiate Instruction in K–12 Classrooms (2010); “A Is for All Aboard!” (2010); “A Land We Can Share”: Teaching Literacy to Students with Autism (2008); and “Just Give Him the Whale!”: 20 Ways to Use Fascinations, Areas of Expertise, and Strengths to Support Students with Autism (2008).