Promotion ceremony honors Darien police officers

While hiring the right people may be key to a police department, their promotions are even more critical, said Darien Police Commission Chairman J. Paul Johnson on Wednesday, June 26, at the Darien Police Department Promotion Ceremony.

In his speech, Johnson said the “most important things we do as a police commission is hiring new officers and promote existing ones. It’s an honor when we bring these new people in, but the promotion is much more important because it shows that we have chosen really great people — and we certainly have, this round,” said Johnson to about 100 people at the ceremony, which was held at the Darien Community Association.

The event celebrated the recent promotions of four Darien police officers: Capt. Jeremiah Marron , Jr., Lt. Nicholas Aranzullo , Sgt. Derek Mulcahy , and Sgt. Daniel Skoumbros .
In attendance was First Selectman Jayme Stevenson, Selectman Susan Marks, and retired Darien police chiefs Hugh McManus and Duane Lovello
The policemen being promoted are “four excellent members of our agency,” Johnson added.
Candidates for the positions went through a rigorous interview process, which included —for some of the positions — written tests, an interview process, and role playing scenarios, according to Police Chief Ray Osborne, who will be retiring at the end of the summer.
In her speech, Stevenson paid tribute to the retirements of former Darien police officers, which includes former Capt. John Lawlor , who retired in March. 

Stevenson said the retirements give the commission an opportunity to promote "wonderful law enforcement leaders in our community.”
Each of the policemen being promoted “have a variety of specialties” that “really add tremendous depth” to the Darien Police Department,” she said.
She concluded her speech by saying “Please know that the town of Darien has your back.”