Pond in front of Darien Town Hall to be dredged throughout summer, block part of parking lot

The Town of Darien will perform dredging of the Stony Brook Pond in front of the Darien Town Hall at 2 Renshaw Road.

Access to and from: Town Hall; Mather Center; and, all Renshaw Road (or other) residences, will not be interrupted. Work will begin on Wednesday, June 26,  and will be completed on or before Tuesday, Sept. 24. To maintain this shortened duration of the project, the contractor will maintain dewatering operations throughout the duration of the project (24/7). The noise associated with dewatering activity will be approximately the same as an idling vehicle.

Work time for actual construction activity, including operation of trucks and heavy machinery, will be Mondays through Fridays from 7 a.m. though 5 p.m. (exclusive of holidays observed by town). If inclement weather delays progress, the contractor may work on Saturdays to maintain our schedule above. Aerial photograph below shows pond to be dredged and portion of the parking lot that will be blocked off for staging of construction equipment, and drying of dredging materials. Parking will be limited during construction.