A no left turn sign will soon be installed at Pear Tree Point Beach.
At the June 6 Police Commission meeting, members made and passed a unanimous motion to install the sign for traffic exiting Pear Tree Point Beach.
The sign will be seasonal, and will be put out each year only from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
For many years, this sign had already existed in that location, according to Capt. Don Anderson.
Police said they don’t know what happened to it.
Anderson has made arrangements to have a new sign made for the location.
Police discussed if there is a safety hazard for those who violate the sign.
Anderson said, “it’s much easier for pedestrians to walk on Long Neck Point Road than Pear Tree, so we try to get more traffic off of Pear Tree by having people taking a right during the busy season and going around to Long Neck Point.”
“That’s the reasoning behind the signage,” Anderson said, “to lessen the traffic impact on Pear Tree Point Road, which is narrow.”
Police also decided to install a sign at the end of Pear Tree Point Road that says: Oncoming traffic does not stop. This sign will be mounted along with the stop sign that’s there.
Seat belt enforcement campaign
During the National Seat Belt Enforcement Mobilization, which was May 20 to June 2, Darien police stopped 110 people and issued 99 tickets.
“We spent $3,709 in overtime, and that’s completely reimbursed by the Connecticut State Department of Transportation grant,” said Darien Police Chief Ray Osborne.
“Wear your seat belt,” he added.