Police chief: No criminal activity proved on school district allegations, investigation closed

Darien Police Chief Ray Osborne has released the following statement regarding allegations in emails from RTM member Jay Hardison. Hardison has been circulating regular emails asserting possible physical and sexual assault by district staff members that he says has been covered up by school administrators.

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Hardison has said Board of Education members didn't cooperate with the investigation. The chief states otherwise. Full statement below:

On June 22, 2018 the Darien Police Department was asked to review information involving allegations of possible criminal conduct at various school related events.  These events dated back as far as October of 2016. A review of information that was brought to our attention was conducted by the Darien Police Detective Division.  

After careful consideration of known allegations, our investigators have determined that no criminal conduct occurred during any of the incidents we were asked to review.  This review included an incident involving a student football player and the Darien High School football coach that took place on October 1, 2016. This incident had been previously investigated by our detectives in August of 2017.  That investigation included a consultation with the Stamford States Attorney’s office and the results of that investigation determined that no probable cause existed for an arrest.

With the exception of the above incident, the Darien Police Department has never received a complaint from any student or parent of a student who claimed to be a victim of any conduct alleged in the information we reviewed that would require a criminal investigation.  Our department takes any report of criminal activity seriously and investigates any such claims to the fullest extent possible.

Members of the Darien Board of Education and Darien High School administration were contacted at various points during this investigation and they cooperated with our requests for information.

Unless additional relevant information is reported, there will be no further action by the Darien Police Department.