Police approve proposal for more Nutmeg Lane parking

Photo of Sandra Diamond Fox

The Darien Police Commission gave the green light for Park & Recreation's and Darien Athletic Foundation's proposal to install six parking spaces — five regular and one for the handicapped — on the side of Nutmeg Lane, which is currently posted as No Parking.
In a letter dated May 2 to Jeremy Ginsberg, director of Darien’s Planning & Zoning Department, police Capt. Donald Anderson wrote that the Darien Police Commission, acting as the local traffic authority for the Town of Darien, voted to endorse the application to install six “on street” parking spaces—on Nutmeg Lane adjacent to the Diller property.
At its special meeting on April 30, the commission determined that the additional spaces won’t bother the neighbors nor affect traffic flow.
The parking spaces will be cut into the existing sidewalk, and a new sidewalk will be reinstalled.
This proposal pertains to the cross country/running track that’s being installed around Darien High School and around the Diller property — a vacant, wooded area with some wetlands — which is on the south side of Nutmeg Lane.
The purpose of the proposal is to provide parking for people who want to use the trail that goes around the Diller property. These additional parking spots would enable them to park there during the day when they use the Diller property portion of the path.
At the April 17 Police Commission meeting, Darien Police Chief Ray Osborne said: “During the day, when school is in session, people who are using the Diller property part of the path won’t have any place to park because they can’t park in the high school,” he said, adding that they can use only the part of the track that’s in the Diller property.
“What they’re proposing is to do a cut-in as you’re coming in from Hollow Tree and you come up to almost the entrance to the high school on the right hand side,” Osborne said. “They’re going to cut into the sidewalk area so cars would not be parking on the road. They would be off the road on a cut-in, and the sidewalk would go around to the right of the passenger side of the vehicles.”
“They will reposition the sidewalk to go around the cars to the right,” Osborne added.
Interstate 95 ramp closure
During the weekends of June 1 and June 8, the ramps at Interstate 95, Exit 9, will be closed for construction, according to police.
The bridge just over the line in Stamford, which goes over I-95 at Exit 9 — between Hamilton Avenue and Cortland Avenue — is being replaced. Closures will start at 6 p.m. on Friday of both weekends.
Route 1 will be closed. There will be a detour in Stamford. There will be no access to I-95 in Stamford at the exit and entrance to Exit 9 during those weekends.
Exit 9 will have a temporary access road consisting of two lanes. Drivers will be directed to go around the construction site. I-95 is expected to be quite backed up, according to the Police Commission. Darien officers will be working at that location around the clock.
Updates can be found at info@I95exit.com.