Plans for Memorial Day parade, veterans' sign program move ahead

Photo of Sandra Diamond Fox
A scene from a previous Memorial Day parade in Darien. The Monuments & Ceremonies Commission is beginning work to organize this year's parade. - Laureen Vellante photo
A scene from a previous Memorial Day parade in Darien. The Monuments & Ceremonies Commission is beginning work to organize this year’s parade. — Laureen Vellante photo

Having people object to putting names of veterans on the signs on their streets was a topic of discussion at the March 12 Monuments & Ceremonies Commission.
The names of veterans on signs pertains to the veterans’ sign program, in which veterans’ names will be put on street signs throughout town. It was created by Darien teacher Lucy Berry.
Each name will be placed on the sign of the street that the veteran lives or lived on. No street addresses will change.
The purpose of this ongoing project is to honor Darien veterans.
"When the veterans’ names are placed on the signs, commission members discussed what should be said to the neighbors who live on those streets, to explain why the signs were put there. They discussed if neighbors would object to this.
The veterans’ program is intended to be a memorial designation and an honorarium, commission members said.
Commission members also voted on the final form to send out to the public, requesting nominations of veterans on the street signs.
They are hoping that everything will be complete in time for the town’s Memorial Day Parade ceremony on May 27, and that they can announce the veterans at that time.
Committee members thought there might be some groups in town who want to sponsor a street sign in honor of a veteran.
By the next Monuments & Ceremonies Commission meeting, scheduled for April 9, members will be putting together a packet with specifics about the veterans’ program, including the sign, the price, a proclamation to be made at the Memorial Day ceremony, and a possible police presence.
Bicentennial celebration

In regard to the progress of the town’s 200th anniversary’s townwide celebration, “It’s going to be a great program,” said Commission Chairman David Polett. “They have already narrowed it down to certain things that they thought they want to do, such as putting down some historical markers.”

The markers will enable people to get a sense of the history of the town.
Memorial Day parade
Monsignor Edward Surwilo will do the invocation and benediction. Polett will serve as master of ceremonies.
The Memorial Day parade database is now with the secretaries in the main office at Town Hall. Invitations to the parade are going out in March.
Dance on the DL, a business in town, would like permission to march in the parade. Commission members have decided to accept the dance studio’s entry in the parade.
Commission members said it must be made clear that any dance groups in the parade must move along and keep pace with the rest of the parade. It will be stipulated in the contract that the participants can’t advertise or be political in any way.