Parks & Recreation Commission Chairman Mary Flynn made a surprise announcement for members of the Pear Tree Point Beach Building Committee at their meeting on Wednesday night, Dec. 12 — She’ll be stepping down from the Parks & Recreation Commission.

Towards the end of the building committee meeting, Flynn announced the news.

“Tonight is my last Parks & Rec [meeting,]” she said. Her final commission meeting immediately followed the building committee meeting.

Later on in the meeting, she said, “It’s been a pleasure beyond belief,” in referring to her time on the Parks & Rec Commission.

Flynn, a Republican, has served on the committee for eight years, the last four as chairman. Her three-year term expires on March 31, 2019.

She previously served on the Board of Education, from 1997 to 2006, and served as the board's vice chairman.

Pear Tree Point Beach building committee members thanked Flynn for her service to the Parks & Rec. Committee, as well as her service to the town, and in helping Pear Tree members start their committee as well.

Before the beach building committee meeting adjourned, all its members gave Flynn a round of applause.

In an email with the Darien Times, Flynn wrote that she has gone back to work full time and “unfortunately do not have the time to commit to the commission any longer.”

“I really loved serving on Parks and Rec,” Flynn continued. “I loved being on the commission and taking care of our parks and beaches.”

She wrote that over the past four years, “the most important thing we accomplished was the development and completion of the Parks Master Plan.” The Parks Master Plan is designed to provide a 10-year outlook on how the town can best utilize and improve its parks, beaches and open space. The commission spent several months and held several meetings, and solicited community feedback with a survey issued in the spring of 2017 before finalizing the plan in January 2018. The plan can be viewed at here at

Lori Bora, a Republican, was unanimously voted in as the new chairman at Wednesday night’s Parks & Recreation Commission meeting following the building committee meeting. Her term expires in 2020. Bora previously served on the town's Board of Finance for four years.

Flynn leaves the commission as it is poised to begin a series of renovations to Pear Tree Point Beach — some of which are raising some concerns from neighbors of the area.

There is now an opening to fill Flynn’s seat on the commission. Those who are interested in serving in this role may contact Chris Taylor, the Chairman of the Republican Town Committee, at

Additional reporting by Times Editor Susan Shultz