The residents of Darien wear many hats; that’s no secret. Asked to name some of those hats, most of us my start by saying things like parent, student, volunteer, athlete, elected official, or public servant. The hat for artist might be down this list a little bit, but those local artists showed off their talents at an event in Grove Street Plaza last weekend, and they did not disappoint.

The show was organized by Nobu Miki, an artist herself who now has organized the event for three years.

“We have no tickets, no tents, just a completely free event for the community to enjoy,” Miki said. She also pointed out that they have no employees or board members, it is strictly put together by the hard work of volunteers. The event location lended itself to simply being found by people enjoying the beautiful day in downtown Darien. State Representative Terrie Wood, First Selectman Jayme Stevenson, and Rob Richards, Stevenson’s challenger for the First Selectman seat, were all seen walking through the show.

Miki was very grateful to Penny Glassmeyer and David Genovese, who made the venue available for the show.

“Penny told me, ‘Nobu, you have a vision. Go for it.’” Miki said, and the show has grown since.

The art itself was in a number of mediums. There was pottery, watercolors, oil paints, acrylics, and a number of others. The local artists were people you may have seen around town but not known that they had such a talent. Nanci Natale, who writes for this newspaper and does photography work, had beautiful photos on display. Jan Raymond, who is part of the Darien Housing Authority, set up her paintings to be seen as well, and explained that she shows her work at galleries and events across the region.

Pat Atkin told onlookers about Raku, a pottery technique associated with a Japanese tea ceremony. Pots are removed from the kiln was still molten, then smothered in organic material. The pots are later removed from a smoker and dipped in water, and thermal shock forms cracks in the glaze. Atkin had a number of pieces she had made using this technique.

“Nobu has been after me to join the show since last year,” Atkin laughed, “it’s a lot of work for one day but it really is such a great event.”

Jon Puzzuoli is a ceramic artist, and teaches courses in ceramics and pottery at the Silvermine Art Center. Puzzuoli had a number of pieces of his work on display as well, and lauded the local feel of the event.

“I was at a craft fair in Stamford, and artists came from all over the country,” said Puzzuoli, “and that was great, but it’s also nice to see an event where everyone is from the local community.”

The event also featured a street magician, flower arrangement instruction, live music from violinists, and art instruction geared towards children. The Sono Baking Company had a tent selling food, and a small pop-up park with tables gave people a chance to enjoy lunch outdoors by the art show. It truly was a special day for those in the community with artistic talent to share it with the rest of the town.