Noroton Presbyterian Nursery school thanksgiving parade gathers food for Person-to-Person

Last Wednesday, children from Noroton Presbyterian nursery school paraded with wagons filled with food to Person-to-Person. As they left the nursery, kids began playing instruments as their schoolmates went to delivery their donations.

The nursery school has been collecting non perishable food and bringing it to Person-to-Person for more than 20 years.

Board chair of the nursery school, Charlotte Symons said the children gathered food for a period of three weeks. Noroton Presbyterian nursery school director, Kalie Riordan, spoke about how the children prepare for the parade. “We have the children paint boxes to place outside their classrooms to collect the food.”

She continued, “Then a day or two prior to the parade the wagons arrive and they decorate them. This creates excitement and an eagerness leading up to the parade.”

On why the nursery school feels like it is important for the children to participate in this event, Riordan said, “I feel it is so important to teach the children at a young age what it means, and how it feels to help those who are less fortunate. We live in a town where we are very blessed to have all that we do, and teaching the children how to give back at this age, I hope will be something that follows them throughout their lives.”