New monument installed at Darien Police Station to honor fallen officers

There’s a new fixture outside of the Darien Police Station memorializing officers who were killed in the line of duty. Darien has suffered two such tragedies, the shooting death of Officer Kenneth Bateman in 1981 and the death of William Bowman in 1927, who was struck by a vehicle while directing traffic.

The new monument was designed by Don Foley of Fairfield Monument at the request of former police chief Duane Lovello, who retired in February. Lovello told the Times he approached Foley about the monument after seeing the engraved granite benches installed at the Veterans’ Cemetery near the station.

While a small footstone marker outside the station is dedicated to Bateman, Lovello said he was troubled there was no similar marker for Bowman. Foley was against making a matching marker and instead embarked on a design for a new monument, going so far as to contact Brian Humes, the police station’s architect for his advice. Once the preliminary design was done, Lovello presented it to the town’s police commission.

Commission members both past and present embarked on a fundraising drive for the monument installation. Foley donated the engraving and full color artwork for the project, along with the hours spent on the design. The Police Commission is still accepting contributions towards the project as well.

While the town hopes there will be no additions to the monument,  it will stand as a reminder of the dedication and sacrifice of those officers in Darien.

“My fervent hope is that we never have to etch another name onto this monument,” said Darien Police Capt. Don Anderson.