New Darien Schools Superintendent Dr. Alan Addley takes the helm this month: Read our Q and A

Dr. Alan Addley, courtesy his Twitter feed. Follow him at @darienpssuper.
Dr. Alan Addley, courtesy his Twitter feed. Follow him at @darienpssuper.

Dr. Alan Addley, an 11-year leader of the Granby School District, is taking the helm of the Darien School District as of this July. Addley was named Connecticut’s 2019 Superintendent of the Year by the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents. 

In 2017, Addley received the UConn Neag Alumni Distinguished Superintendent of the Year. Addley replaces interim Schools Superintendent Elliot Landon. Landon temporarily replaced last full time Schools Superintendent Dan Brenner, who left a year ago to take the reins at the United Nations School. 

A native of Northern Ireland, he started his career as a professional soccer player and mathematics teacher. He has 34 years of administrative and teaching experience in private and public schools in the United States and Ireland.

This week, The Darien Times did a Q and A with Dr. Addley — published below. He can be reached at

What made you decide to take the job in Darien?

I have been an administrator in Granby for twenty-one  years.  Eleven of those years were served as Superintendent of Schools.  I lived, worked and raised a family in Granby and it was truly a wonderful experience. However, the chance to be the Superintendent of Schools for a district such Darien is a wonderful unique professional opportunity.    My wife, Pamela, and I are in a position professionally and personally to make this life changing move and commitment.  In accepting the position, I believe my experiences, leadership skills and values align to the Board of Education’s priorities and to the needs of the district.

What did you know about Darien in your past career? Have you worked or known our previous superintendents?

Darien Public Schools is widely known as a premier school district in the State of Connecticut and in the nation.   The district is held in high regard for its effective Board of Education leadership; talented staff; academic excellence, supportive community; strong athletic and arts programs; and, terrific student body.  The town is known as a wonderful coastal community with excellent schools and a deep sense of community and service.   As a past President of the Connecticut Association of Schools, I have had the good fortune to know and work with a few Darien’s Superintendents. I have known previous Superintendent of Schools for their good work and accomplishments.

What do you hope to accomplish in Darien?

I look forward to honoring Darien’s rich traditions and building on its successes.  I look forward to working collaboratively with the community in celebrating the district’s accomplishments and in identifying its next level of work.  In doing so, I look to support the excellent work of the teachers and staff; getting to know the community and student body; and, working with public officials in the best interests of all Darien students.

We have had a bit of upheaval in terms of superintendents in the last five years - is this somewhere you see yourself staying for the long-term?

Having been in my previous district for the past twenty-one years, it is not my practice to move around. I assume the position knowing that the district is looking for sustained and consistent leadership. I believe it also to be a Board priority and it is part of the attractiveness of the position.   In seeking a new challenge, I am looking to make such a professional and personal  commitment.  Pam and I look forward to getting to know the community and settling in the area.

Do you intend to reach out and meet with other town leaders upon starting the job? Have you met any yet and if so, who?

Working collaboratively with public officials in the best interests of all students is critical in any community to the success of the work.  Since joining the district a few days ago, I have had the opportunity to meet with the First Selectmen, Police Chief and Police Captain.   During the next few months, I  look forward to meeting with other public officials, community members/organizations, staff, parents and student groups over the next few months.

Finally, what is your all around perception of the Darien school district and what are you most looking forward to working here?

I am honored to be Darien’s Superintendent of Schools.  It is a privilege to lead such a terrific district. I have been eager to make the transition and to start the work.  I look forward to supporting our excellent staff and working with the community in the best interests of all Darien students. Thank you to the members of the community for their kind and warm welcome to the district and town.  I am excited to be here!