NEWSFLASH: Darien High School graduation will be held outside on Friday night

An email from Dr. Dan Brenner, Superintendent of Schools, has announced that Darien High School graduation ceremonies on Friday night will be held outside.

Below is the email from the district:

Dear Graduation Attendees,

We are faced with the most difficult of choices given the nature of the weather pattern we are confronted with.  We must choose between going into the auditorium with limited seating and using the gymnasium for overflow seating which is less than optimal or risking the rain and the somewhat unpredictability of the current forecast.

After much consultation with our meteorologist who focuses directly on Darien we know that:

  • Radar strongly suggests the rain should fully exit the area by 4pm
  • Rain totals will be minimal with a fine mist likely to be the type of precipitation

As a result in an attempt to be as inclusive to the families as possible we will be holding the ceremony outside on the Stadium field.   Te current weather is forcing a bit of a delay in setting up technically but we would anticipate no more than a 15 minute delay in the start time.  We would ask you to dress appropriately given the conditions and if you choose to bring an umbrella to be sensitive to others sightlines where possible.

We will see you in a few hours and congratulations on the day.