The Town of Darien's Monuments and Ceremonies Commission has chosen the poem written by Middlesex Middle School student Patrick Finnegan as the top entry in this year's Memorial Day Poem and Essay Contest.

The Commissioners extend our congratulations to Patrick and our thanks to all the students who submitted so many fine pieces.

The Commission acknowledges all the efforts made by Lucy Sandor, Kathryn Lindquist, and the many fine teachers at Middlesex Middle School that helped make this possible.

Patrick will be invite to read his poem aloud at the Dedication Ceremony at Spring Grove Veterans Cemetery immediately following the Memorial Day Parade on Monday.

Patrick's poem:

Memorial Day

Patrick Finnegan


They gave up everything

gave their lives

to protect Freedom

To uphold the Constitution

Of the United States of America

People forget

What it means

To be American

They didn’t

What if they gave up

Like many people do today

What would have happened to America

To the world

But they didn’t forget

People take the freedom

in America

For granted

They forget

Tens of Thousands of men and women

Gave their lives

To uphold this freedom

Memorial day is about remembering

Remembering the men and women

Who gave the ultimate sacrifice

To protect the world from tyranny

I remember

Do you?