Logo, markers, calendar among plans for town’s 200th celebration

Historical markers, check; logo, check; calendar, check.
One by one, the pieces of Darien’s 200th anniversary celebration are coming together, and excitement set the tone for last week’s Bicentennial Committee meeting. This committee is a subcommittee of the Monuments & Ceremonies Commission.
Members of the committee are working on the details of a 2020 calendar they want to send to all town residents. The calendar will contain bicentennial events, and will be posted on the town website, commission Chairman Alan Miller said.
In addition, the calendar may also run on the Darien Chamber of Commerce website.
“The post office has a service called EDDM, Every Door Direct Mail,” said Susan Cator, director of the Darien Chamber of Commerce, adding there are two components to it. “You have to pay the post office to deliver it and you have to pay to have it printed.”
The committee members discussed details of the mailings, such as the look, style and texture, of them. They’re getting pricing information and estimates from printers.
Logo contest
High school students in Darien were given the opportunity to design the town’s bicentennial logo. Four of them submitted designs. Three of them were interested in working with professional graphic designers to come up with a design that everyone agrees upon. The logo should be ready in April.
Historical markers
The committee cited 12 sites around town that have historical significance.
“We would propose to put some type of marker or plaque around those sites,” Miller said.
The large, acrylic, colorful plaques would be a lasting part of the 2020 celebration. They would have the bicentennial logo on them.
“This is such an exciting opportunity, once in 200 years that we get to do this,” Cater said. “I think we ought to go for it all, go for a marker at every single one of these [sites]. This is a great thing to do for our town.”
The town is looking into costs and sponsorships.
Thaddeus Bell
A representative from the Good Wife’s River Chapter of the Daughters the American Revolution (DAR) attended the meeting and spoke about creating a memorial project that would pay tribute to one of Darien’s founders — Thaddeus Bell, during the town’s 200th anniversary celebration.
DAR was founded in 1890 to promote patriotism, historical preservation and education.
A small bronze plaque will note Bell’s birth and death dates, and his service record.
Weed Beach Festival
The town is also planning a Weed Beach Festival as part of the town’s birthday celebrations. There will be live music by bands that play all day, as well as all different kinds of food vendors, a clam bake, and a roped-off children’s play area with all different kinds of games and activities.
Committee members discussed creating a subcommittee for this festival. They are looking for volunteers to work on planning for it.
They also discussed the idea of having a time capsule at the anniversary celebration.
“I think that’s a very cool idea,” Miller said.
The commission made a unanimous vote to form a subcommittee for the time capsule.
“My target is the citizens of the town who should be gaining an appreciation of the fact that the town was here before they were and that it has a quality, and that it is unique... When you come into this town ... you’re in a specific place that has a specific background and a specific history. It’s worth paying attention to and it’s worth working for,” Ken Reiss said.