The Darien Times is posting a list of letters received for candidates in both the Democrat and Republican primaries to take place on Tuesday. These are letters for Republican candidates. 

Stevenson is right for lieutenant governor

To the Editor:

There are good reasons why Connecticut decides separately on the governor and the lieutenant governor; that’s how important the second highest office is for a well-functioning administration. And this is the reason Connecticut needs Jayme Stevenson. In their Aug. 14 primaries, Republicans will take the first step to reverse the economic decay of Connecticut – and to do that, Republicans need to put Jayme Stevenson on the ticket.

The Wednesday, Aug. 1, debate demonstrated that one opponent hauls from the far right and the other from the left. Stevenson alone is the centrist who can win in both the primary and the general election. Markley may hope to win in August, but risks failure in November; I cannot see Stewart with a chance in either event.

The debate also showed how the Citizens’ Election Program is a Democrat treat filled with poison. In order to remain competitive with Democrats, conservative candidates take a government handout that conflicts to the principles of smaller government. The money has also led to a more crowded field in the lieutenant governor race than is needed. Among the eight candidates for the two highest offices, there is one who is so ambitious that she has run at separate times in both races. Is she so naïve not to recognize that she is helping the opponent who is furthest to the right of her positions? And is that opponent so blind to the political landscape that he doesn’t recognize that he is not electable without hanging on to someone else’s coattails?

Among her weak challengers, Jayme Stevenson is the only one who can win in November in a landslide. That’s how she has won four times in her home town – with the support of fiscal conservative Democrats and Independents. At last week’s debate, she was the adult in the room. She is the only contender with both solid private sector and acclaimed public service experience. Jayme will be a Triple-A asset for the GOP ticket and just right to win in November.  Let’s give her a landslide win on Aug. 14.

Bert Von Stuelpnagel

The writer is the treasurer of the Darien Republican Town Committee.

Stevenson for lieutenant governor — the right choice!

To the Editor:

Jayme  Stevenson is a candidate for lieutenant governor in the Republican primary on Aug. 14.  Jayme has served us admirably as our first selectman over four terms, understanding the critical issues facing our state and their impact on municipalities. Our state fiscal crisis with soaring fixed costs and declining revenues is compromising funding for education, public health, human services and transportation. Jayme knows from experience how to help reverse this trajectory and set our state on a path to fiscal prosperity.

No question, we are in challenging times in our state. We need a lieutenant governor with Jayme’s leadership experience in the administrative, financial service and non-profit sectors. She works hard, listens well and looks for productive solutions to issues. Responsible, responsive and a positive approach define her. I see this every day. Additionally, she is a woman of her word who cares deeply about helping those in need.

Please join me in my enthusiastic support by voting on Aug. 14 for Jayme Stevenson for lieutenant governor. She is the right choice for Connecticut!

State Rep. Terrie Wood

The writer represents part of Darien and Rowayton.

Marcy Minnick for state rep in 147th District primary

To the Editor:

Marcy Minnick is Republican candidate for state representative in the 147th District primary on Aug. 14.

When I met Marcy, she instantly struck me as intelligent, personable and highly capable. She is the third-generation principal and COO of her family's manufacturing business, Excello Tool, based in Milford. They make equipment primarily for the medical and aerospace market. Growing up in Shelton, Marcy and her husband Emmanuel, and three children moved to Darien seven years ago.

Marcy has seen firsthand how difficult it is for businesses to thrive in Connecticut. She intuitively understands what needs to be done differently and how her experience would be of benefit serving in the state legislature. She knows that big government and the Democrats’ allegiance to organized labor has put Connecticut in constant fiscal crisis. I'm very impressed with her problem solving ability, listening skills, energy, clear communication and passion for serving. It would be a pleasure to be representing Darien together in Hartford with Marcy Minnick. She is the clear choice in the Republican primary on Aug. 14.

State Rep. Terrie Wood

The writer represents Darien and Rowayton.