To the Editor:

At the suggestion of my state representative Terrie Wood in her commentary in this paper recently, I was keen to learn more about her ideas to get our beloved state back on track and fixing the budget once and for all.  I hoped four weeks into the new session she was representing me and Darien with creative ideas, rich collaboration and productive discussions.  That she was leading by being approachable and willing to listen to and respect differences of opinion.  
Sadly, I found her report was devoid of ideas and instead brought home to roost the unacceptable fear mongering and divisiveness that we see on the national stage each and every day.  Terrie, who are the Democratic "Socialists" driving the debate in Hartford?  Have you used that label to describe your Democratic colleagues in the capital before?   Must you too resort to name calling and fear stoking OR could you bring the same leadership to Hartford that you describe being demonstrated by Ned Lamont?  

We all want to return our state to health.  Are you going to be part of the problem or a part of the solution?

Shannon Silsby

The writer is a member of Darien's Democratic Town Committee.