To the Editor:

Connecticut’s public lands have served as places of refuge for birds, other wildlife, and people for generations. We have entrusted our state to steward and protect these lands, but your beaches, parks, forests, and landmarks are at risk of being sold, swapped, or given away without your voice being heard.

On Nov. 6, your “yes” vote on question #2 will help safeguard your public lands. Without this added protection, the Connecticut legislature is free to continue giving away your public lands without the public’s input. It is time to put an end to these backroom deals.

If passed, this ballot measure will put public land protections in place, requiring the General Assembly to hold a public hearing and gain a two-thirds majority vote before state-owned park, forest, wildlife management areas, or farmland is sold, swapped, or given away.

This means greater transparency for the public and added protections to ensure the beaches, forests, and landmarks that are the fabric of Connecticut’s landscape will endure as a part of our public lands for future generations.

Connecticut can’t afford to give away public lands without public input.

Please join with me on Tuesday, Nov. 6, and VOTE YES on Question #2 to protect your public lands.

Shirley R. Nichols

Steering Committee member of the CT Land Conservation Council

Former Darien Land Trust executive director