To the Editor:

On behalf of The Depot Youth Center, I would like to thank Aldo Criscuolo, owner of Heights Pizza for his never ending generosity to not only The Depot, but the entire town of Darien. Aldo represents the true meaning of a "hometown hero." For the past 17 years, Heights has donated pizza for our monthly movie night. Add up anywhere from 7-10 pies once a month over 17 years — pizza  pies for the fourth, fifth and sixth grade parties held at The Depot each year, the list goes on and on, pasta and garlic knots for Girls Night Out, and that’s just The Depot! Aldo’s generosity is endless. The people that work at Heights are courtious, friendly and do their best to accommodate everyone that walks in the door, or has their food delivered.  Aldo Criscuolo, The Depot loves you and thanks you for your generosity over the years.

Janice Marzano

Program Director

Depot Youth Center