Letter: Taylor family thanks town, volunteers for 'For Michael' event support

To the Editor:

On Saturday, May 20, 13 friends of Michael Taylor staged a fundraising event at Weed Beach in Darien to benefit Shatterproof. Shatterproof is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the prevention, treatment and recovery from addiction and is currently focused on the opioid epidemic. This group conceived the idea of having a fundraiser built around a fun day at the beach to welcome the beginning of summer. They spent the last 12 months planning the event and the fun day exceeded all expectations. The “build your own boat” to race was the highlight of the afternoon with 20 teams of 4 competing.

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The support from this community and other areas of the country where Michael had touched people’s lives was phenomenal. Over $220,000 was raised to support Shatterproof’s mission.

We want to thank everyone that contributed to this event and especially want to recognize the gang of 13 millennials for their creative idea, superb planning skills and discipline to pull this off:Will Herling, Kate Taylor, Scott Herling, Lau Sullivan, Will Bergen, GraceAnn Sweeney, Nick Eisen-Berkeley, Justine Sweeney, Matt Nestor, Cait Sullivan, Justin Baldacci, Emma Witschi and Katie Balloch.

Michael would be proud to know he had so many friends that cared for him and this group carried on the tradition since high school of having a party to welcome summer. Thank you all.

Annmarie, Kate, Frank Taylor