Letter: Senator Duff's numbers don't add up

To the Editor:

In your last issue about State Senator Duff’s meeting at the Darien Library, you stated that, “Duff said there were 39 districts in the state that have ’80 students’ in them, yet receive, in some cases, millions of dollars in state support.”

I rebutted the Senator’s numbers at the meeting and urge your readers to visit the website: http:/edsight.ct.gov/. Under the “Students” section there is a tab for “Enrollment counts.” On Friday, I confirmed with the Connecticut State Department of Education (CSDE) that these are the enrollment numbers that they use. There are a few districts with less than 80 students enrolled, and most of these are special school or districts that have already regionalized. At Monday night’s meeting, I gave Senator Duff my data and contact information, and he agreed to reconcile the numbers.

I followed up with an e-mail two days later, stating “Since we both received our data from CSDE, I would appreciate it if your staff would help reconcile these figures.” I have not received a response from Senator Duff.

Paul Hendrickson
The writer has been a school business manager for 10 years, is a former Darien selectman and currently serves on Darien’s Board of Finance.