Letter: Sen. Leone's community discussion cleared up 'rumors and half-truths' on regionalization

To the Editor:

There is no doubt that we face challenging times here at home in Connecticut.
On  Saturday  State Senator Carlo Leone held a community meeting at the library to discuss some of the issues confronting the legislature, the Governor and the state. These include school regionalization, tolls, the minimum wage and taxes.
The issue that got the most attention at Saturday’s meeting were the  proposals concerning some form of school regionalization. Senator Leone listened attentively to our concerns and assured us that he would take our input back to Hartford. He made it clear that he supports local control of Connecticut’s school districts and would not support the regionalization bills as written.

He also explained that the ongoing legislative process allows the members to have a continuing dialogue on this important topic. We should understand that there are many things that school systems might be able to share in order to reduce costs and overhead and invest those funds in increased opportunities for students. We won't know the answers to any of these questions until the conversations that are ongoing have more time.

During recent weeks so many rumors and half truths have been making the rounds that  it was nice to be able to get questions answered and to have facts replace rumors. I am sure that Senator Leone will keep us updated and continue to seek our input.

Jan Raymond