Letter: School regionalization a red herring for redistribution of income

To the Editor:

Recently, reading several  Darien Times  back issues upon returning from vacation, I came across a flurry of seemingly coordinated attacks on our only legislative representative NOT gerrymandered out of relevance — Terrie Wood.  There is much much to criticize in this flurry of letters from the local Democrat “braintrust” ( Bayne , 2x Klein, Reed, Silsby), but I will confine myself to only the driveling about school regionalization — a red herring, like Councils of Government among others, for redistribution of income.

Whether you call them socialists, progressives, or merely Democrats, the proponents are all redistributionists.  These proposals need to be rendered stillborn, not allowed to wind their way through the “legislative process.”

In this regionalization context, you raise objections to comparing fiscally responsible towns to the mismanaged cities.  I would simply remind you that the mayors of all of Hartford, Waterbury and Bridgeport have been sent to the slammer for, among others probably, corruption in office — and Bridgeport re-elected the guy when released!  For completeness, a governor and state treasurer have also done time for offenses in office.  What a state!

John Neff