To the Editor:

I was awakened Saturday morning at 1:44  to the beeping of my alarm system.  A call from the  company notified me that it was the carbon monoxide fixture and that she had to notify the fire department and I needed to leave the premises.

I waited outside and very shortly a  group of very dedicated men were there rigged out in their gear and ready to attack the problem, whatever it could be.  They quickly went through my small condo with their monitor and decided there was no danger.
I have electric heat and electric stove, but of course the loud beeping continued.  My ceilings are very high and I had no way of dislodging the culprit. They went to work and took it down.

I want to thank all  Those wonderful volunteers who give their time to make sure we are all protected and can feel safe knowing they are there to protect us. Again my deep appreciation for a job well done.

Yolanda Maffucci