To the Editor:

We were disappointed to not be invited to participate in the round table discussion in Darien Wednesday on gun violence and school safety organized by the  Democratic candidates for the state legislature.

We are all against gun violence and in favor of taking steps to keep all communities safe. The issue goes beyond geographic borders and political parties. It affects all of us. We remind everyone that the most recent gun legislation was supported by every Fairfield County Republican state legislator and state senator with the exception of one Stamford representative. Representative Terrie Wood was a leader in this legislation, co-chairing the mental health part of the Gun Safety and School Security Bill passed in April 2013. There was strong Republican and Democratic support state wide for this legislation.

Finding real solutions requires collaborative discussions; open exchanges of new ideas and support from all - not partisan politics. Partisan politics is grandstanding - and grandstanding never produces real solutions. It's a disservice to the people you are elected to represent and those most affected by such violence.

We promise not to put partisan politics ahead of working for our constituents. We promise not to grandstand. And most importantly we recognize and will work with everyone in a collaborative inclusive matter to address gun violence and other issues facing Connecticut. It's time for a change.  Connecticut doesn't need those grandstands — it needs solutions.

Jerry Bosak — candidate for State Senate 27th district

Marc D'Amelio — candidate for State Senate 25th district

Anzelmo Graziosi — candidate for State Representative 147th district

Terrie Wood — candidate for State Representative 141st district