To the Editor:

This morning, I’m filled with deep gratitude for the honor and privilege of running for lieutenant governor to help save Connecticut…my family’s home and a place that I know has such great promise under the right leadership…and for the 27,000 people who supported me in my effort to bring the issues of fiscal discipline, public education, transportation and the opioid crisis to the forefront.  As I write this note, 30 people have overdosed on the green in New Haven. I will continue to use my influence as a first selectman and COG Chairman to keep a sharp focus on this very difficult issue.

My small but mighty campaign team overcame great odds to earn a place on yesterday’s ballot.  In spite of being Republican Party outsiders, we succeeded in winning support at the party convention, adjusted to a last-minute candidate joining the LG race and raised our threshold amount to earn our Citizen’s Election Program grant.  We traveled the state with open ears and an open heart to hear the concerns of the wonderful people and business owners of Connecticut.

Folks’ concerns are diverse and deep.  While I would like to say that the economy and jobs is top of mind for all Republicans, this isn’t necessarily the case.  There are ideologies that will continue to plague our state party and challenge us in general elections. Our chosen team will need to work hard to overcome these challenges.  People are angry and afraid. The right leaders must lead with discipline, respect and compassion as we stand firm in our resolve to uphold the Republican principles of lower taxes, less regulation, smaller government and accountability.  

Having my family and close friends by my side on my lieutenant governor journey was my greatest joy.  Meeting new friends who were passionately in my corner and who helped me in big and small ways is what grassroots politics is all about.

My son’s very first vote was for his mom yesterday…wow!  My children now have a much deeper appreciation for what it means to “step in the arena” for things that you believe in.  

I’m a better person for having run and am lucky to continue to be the First Selectman of one of the very best towns in Connecticut!

Much to smile about today.

First Selectman Jayme Stevenson