To the Editor:

Hi. My name is Savanna Buys and one weekend my mom and I participated in this great beach clean up. But, when we saw ourselves in the paper, we were furious! Using a nice picture of us volunteering to clean up the beach, trying to make Darien a better place, only for it to come back in our faces and used poorly for political use!

I know my mom is on the Board of Selectmen but I'm not! At the beach clean up, we had nothing to do with politics. If you wanted our picture, you could have asked and told us what it was actually used for because you told us it was for the beach clean up! The title, ‘We are not happy,’ next to our photo is so misleading!

We were proud to be helping out and excited to be in the paper but the only thing we’re not happy about is the news you put us next to. So as my mom would say, next time, “think before you speak.”

Savanna Buys

Fifth Grade

Holmes School

The writer is the daughter of Selectman Pamela Sparkman.

Editor's note: The front page of the Nov. 22 Darien Times included a story about some neighbors objecting to some of the proposed renovations to Pear Tree Point Beach. The previous weekend, a clean up of the beach was held by Darien Environmental Group that was attended by Ms. Sparkman and her daughter — at which photos were taken by The Darien Times. Though they were both published on the front page together, the caption on the photo indicated that the photo was taken at the clean up and there was no reference to the story about the renovations.  The photo was taken and used to promote that a clean up had occurred, and was used for no other reason. The beach clean up photo was in no way related to the renovations story other than both had to do with the same beach.