To the Editor:
At last week’s Pear Tree Point Beach Building Committee meeting three architectural concepts were submitted, all three with FEMA required elevations and public access ramps mandating a large multimillion dollar structure.
Janienne Hackett forcefully articulated that Darien's 'master plan public survey' placed open space and nature at the top of citizen concerns, while event spaces and concessions placed at the bottom.
The chairman replied “We have to develop the beach and create the experience of dining out on the water for those without private club memberships.”
Yes, but the dining out on the water experience could be made available with a large open deck with brackets for the easy raising and deconstructing of tents, refurbished bathhouse and dependence on food trucks for the beach during the day and catering at private rented events on the deck in the evening. As a side note, the rotted out entrance booth could be replaced with a mobile one. Not only is this direction more in keeping with the public survey’s desire for open natural spaces but its a resilient one that accepts the inevitability of rising waters.
And finally it’s doubtful the committee has considered that private clubs charge their members a minimum dining use. Would Darien’s citizens accept a minimum use tax for dining on the water at Pear Tree Point?

Vincent Arguimbau

The writer is a member of the town’s Representative Town Meeting