Letter: Make Darien great again

To the Editor:

Not a day goes by where we aren’t inundated with news of the extended government strand-off over a ridiculous wall that, if I remember correctly, Mexico was supposed to pay for. Here in Darien, every time I open an issue of the Darien Times, I am likewise flooded with warnings over the latest series of auto and home break ins, followed by a series of well-intended, yet firm chastisements for all of us to lock our doors.

Most would agree, that building a border wall across 1,954 miles of difficult terrain is a pointless and expensive undertaking. But what if we took this horrible idea and thought smaller?

The town of Darien covers a scant thirteen square miles, with a net grand list that as of 2017 stood at $8.6 billion. Moreover, each week in our Police Blotter I read of a steady stream of arrests made of citizens from our neighboring towns.

Should we not consider an impenetrable, yet tastefully constructed wall around our border? A few miles of quality stonework in order to assure the safety of our homes and our children? (Aesthetically, a moat would be preferred, but moats, while beautiful, are difficult to build and maintain, and would be all but useless in the winter when temperatures dropped.)

I know what you're already thinking. A wall around our town? What will you do about the beaches? I'm not suggesting we string razor wire across our town’s beautiful seaboard! I'm not sure any naval barricades would be necessary, as I'm not aware of any crime originating from sea landings.

I don't think anyone would argue that they'd sleep better at night knowing our borders were secure. While Darien will surely continue to import its automobiles, its beer and its cheese, it’s time we stopped importing our crime.

Let’s build a wall. Let’s make Darien great again.

Tom Sanders