To the Editor:

Isn't it time for our elected officials, and really all of us, to wake up and install a tree ordinance in Darien? As I watch another dozen trees cut down on a single very small lot in our neighborhood I cant help but think on this subject there has to be a much better way to balance all this development.

With so much more construction in Darien in the works the time is now to protect our environment, our health and our well-being that trees provide. If we cant depend on others to think about the bigger picture, then a regulation, as much as we may dislike them, is the only way to preserve what is disappearing at an alarming rate.

I applaud Darien’s Tree Conservancy and its mission and think it is time we all get on the same page. If a tree ordinance can’t make a tree replacement policy mandatory on each property, perhaps it can mandate a donation to the conservancy at the very least. I hope others looking at the future picture will join in and make some noise at Town Hall to act now.

Jill Walker

Stanley Road, Darien