To the Editor:

Last week’s article about the environmental initiative to phase out plastic bags and implement a 10-cent fee on recycled paper bags did a disservice to the Darien community and to this environmental effort. The first half of the article focused entirely on the opinions of the Town Counsel, many of which are refuted by existing statutes. Specifically, CT Statute 7-148 gives CT towns the right to pass ordinances that protect the environment. Darien’s citizens have every reason to expect that their elected and appointed officials will protect the environment; the question is, will they?

Darien is a town renowned for its coastal and pastoral beauty, both of which are threatened by the huge volume of plastic waste generated here. Scores of plastic bags wash up on our shores every day. For the future of Darien as a desirable community in which to live, it is imperative that we eliminate this blight before it gets worse. The proposed phasing out of plastic bags will achieve this result and the implementation of a nominal charge on recycled paper bags (to be kept by retailers to defray their costs) will remind shoppers to bring reusable bags and ensure that plastic is not replaced by paper.

Juliet Cain, Paola Sordoni, Lucia Zachowski

Co-Chairmen, BYO Darien