To the Editor:

I am a Darien resident and fan of conservationist, photographer, and co-founder of Sea Legacy, Cristina Mittermeier.  She describes the attitude too many have as "S.el.f.i.e." or "someone else is fixing it, eh?"

Every day, we see what kind of government we got when apathy set in and, after the 2018 election, what people who wanted to counterbalance the Trump administration earned from becoming informed and engaged in the process.

When we don't show up, what affects us doesn't reflect us and our government affects all of us in so many ways. Last Sunday, the Darien Democrats held an open house at UCBC on Post Road to grow the party and encourage civic participation on all levels. It was a diverse, welcoming group that showed me how, whether someone has an hour or two to give, aspires to volunteer for a committee or run for office, there is a place to contribute talent and skills. It is a constructive antidote to the frustration and helplessness so many have felt since the 2016 election and I encourage you to attend a DTC meeting and see how you can get involved, too.

Loren Gomez