To the Editor:

The Rev. David Anderson is too humble and the people of St. Luke’s Episcopal are too dignified, but if we didn’t offer up public thanks for David’s ministry, the very stones would cry out.  David has been a splendid shepherd to his own and a strong spiritual leader for all of Darien.

We forged our friendship on Good Fridays.  It annually begins at First Congregational and ends at St. Luke’s. We two have together walked those miles. David has every quality I would seek in my own pastor.  His strong sense of character compounds the witness of his genuine faith. His ministry has not lived itself out in a Darien bubble, but looked outward in Christlike ways to those unlike ourselves. He ever puts his own interests aside to be a friend to people like me and to look out for our beloved town.

When our roof failed, David and St. Luke’s opened their doors for our memorial services. When Newtown shocked us, he was front and center in helping assuage our grief. I could go on. Through the joys of our Darien ministries and pain like losing my parents, his gentle presence ever underscored how we churches are in this together, reflecting our unity in Christ, not territorial or competitive. More than we recognize, St Luke’s Episcopal and Darien has a chasm to fill as the Rev. David Anderson departs.

Here at First Congregational, we wish the best and brightest for David and Pam.  If we can do anything for St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in transition, please tell us what it is.

Dale Rosenberger

Senior Minister