Letter: Darien school children would benefit from 30 minutes of dance a day

To the Editor: 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for school kids in Darien to have 30 minutes of energetic dancing everyday during the school year?
It would be great exercise for bodies and brains.

As individuals alone or with one another, they could physically express themselves safely for a short time each day.  There would be no need for parental chaperones in the already drug and alcohol free zone of their own school.  If the students danced at lunch time, they may even be fully awake for afternoon classes.  What a good life lesson.

Having recently had a delightful time at a “50's party,” I watched people in their seventies and beyond, turn into the teenagers they had been decades earlier, swinging and shaking up a storm to the rock and roll music of their youth.

This ‘Everyday Dance‘ idea came from that experience along with a conversation with a lovely couple whose eyes sparkled with memories of the fun they had at their high school in Pennsylvania where dancing occurred everyday for 30 minutes.
No harm in trying and it could have great benefits.

M. E. Murphy (Cavanna)

The writer is a former resident of Darien of 29 years and grandparent of thirteen grandchildren attending Darien schools.