To the Editor:

The “Drop It & Drive in Darien” campaign has proved important in educating and reminding drivers to drop mobile devices while driving.

A new speed awareness campaign to educate and remind drivers about the dangers of speeding is now required.

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As a non-driver, pedestrian and regular runner around Darien, I increasingly witness too many cars exceeding the speed limit, often failing to slow and allow adequate space for other road users such as pedestrians and cyclists.

Based on the school and resident association stickers, many of these dangerous incidences involve local residents, it seems, often driving without due care and attention.

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From walking along Long Neck Point to cycling down Nearwater Lane, our roads are a shared space for multiple uses, for adults and children alike. No Darien resident should be subject to unnecessary danger when using these shared spaces.

Before a serious accident happens, I urge our town leaders to consider a new speed awareness campaign to encourage local drivers to slow down.

Will Lewis