To the Editor:

On behalf of the Town of Darien Department of Human Services, we would like to thank everyone who participated in our holiday gift giving program.  Individuals, book groups, church groups, clubs, and families donated gifts of toys, clothing, and gift cards to help make the holiday wishes of 57 families and 67 seniors come true.

A big thanks goes to Joe Marzano, the Darien YMCA, and participants in the house basketball program, the Royle School Girl Scout troop, and employees of The Pi Group who donated hundreds of household goods items to help stock the shelves of our Household Supply closet with much-needed cleaning supplies, paper goods, and personal grooming products.  

Janet Keeler, Sophie Long, the Darien High School Advisory Council, and Darien High School staff, students, and families donated hundreds of dollars of gift cards to local stores and restaurants.

Vineyard Vines generously donated hundreds of items of clothing to help support our gift giving program.  Many Darien children were thrilled to receive new pants, jackets, sweaters, and tee shirts.

We were overwhelmed with the generosity of other residents and organizations during the holidays.  Our sincere thanks goes to the Darien Youth Commission, Lions Club of Darien, Kiwanis Club of Darien, the Masonic Club of Darien, Darien Men’s Group, the Salvation Army, members of the Garden Club of Darien, Town Hall employees, and countless others.  With the support of individuals and organizations like these, the Department of Human Services was able to make the lives of local families and seniors brighter this holiday season.

Thanks to everyone who supported our program and, more importantly, touched the lives of their neighbors.  Your gestures of kindness mean so much to your fellow Darien residents. With best wishes for a happy and healthy 2019!

Ali Ramsteck


Darien Department of Human Services