To the Editor:

Twelve hundred invitations to The Darien Foundation’s annual fundraising event have been lost by the US Postal Service.  The invitations were delivered to the USPS bulk mail facility on Friday, March 31 for an expected delivery in Darien the first week of April.  

The mailing was processed and our postal account was debited for the postage. When invitations were not received by April 6, we began to investigate and learned that the mailing had disappeared and the Postal Service could not find it.

The Foundation’s event, Dixie in Darien, featuring a concert by Edwin McCain, will be held at the Darien Community Association on Saturday, May 6.  The Foundation is reprinting the invitations and we hope to have them delivered this week.  In the meantime, tickets are available on their website   

Pam Dysenchuk

Executive Director

The Darien Foundation