Letter: Darien Boy Scouts grateful for Pennington's support

To the Editor:

We at the Andrew Shaw Memorial Trust, chartering organization of the Darien Boy Scouts, want to congratulate all of the YWCA Women of Distinction award winners, especially our Board President Emeritus Leslie Pennington.  Since she moved to Darien, Leslie has been active in our community, from involvement in the school PTOs, to chairing YWCA Parent Awareness, to most recently providing a strong guiding hand for the ASMT. Over the past three years as president, in addition to managing the standard ASMT responsibilities, Leslie led a community-wide celebration of 100 years of Darien Scouting, facilitated the inclusion of the Scouting program into the Darien Chamber of Commerce, and oversaw the expansion of our Scouting program to include STEM Venture Crew #353, a co-ed program for high schoolers interested in the STEM fields that is the first of its kind in the nation! In addition, she has chaired the annual Darien Boy Scout tag sale six times, which is a huge endeavor in itself! Congratulations, Leslie, we are so happy that you are getting recognized by the community that you have helped so much.

The Andrew Shaw Memorial Trustees & ASMT Board Members