To the Editor:

We, at the Darien Arts Center, particularly, the 14 producers of Darien's Got Talent, really got a kick out of last week's cartoon by D.Smith poking fun at the existence of stage mothers! We also felt compelled to write and say that we have been lucky enough (after 220 auditions and three years of Darien's Got Talent auditions) to have never seen a stage parent! It has been such a rewarding and satisfying experience to put together this showcase of talent in our community, and we truly strive to always make it a fun and enjoyable experience for all. We think we have succeeded! In fact, this year, we have opened up auditions to all ages, with no minimum age requirement. Contestants are also not required to live in Darien. We are truly looking forward to seeing all contestants at the auditions on May 19 and 20, where only five judges, the director and a few of the producers will be present. (Children may choose to have a parent present, but usually do not). We are excitedly making plans for the Darien's Got Talent Finals Show and the winners/sponsor after-party, Darien's Got Taste. We encourage all ages to show us their talents and register to audition before May 11 at

The Darien's Got Talent Producers