To the Editor:

Elections have consequences.  As our state legislature starts its 2019 session, we are beginning to see the impact of last November’s election of a Democratic governor and larger majorities in both houses of the legislature.

Already, bills have been filed that will radically change our towns and lives, and increase the tax burden that Southwest Connecticut residents already suffer under.  Among them are property tax grabs by the state and bills to force regionalization of school districts.

The Democrats are proposing to make the Personal Property Tax (the one you pay on your cars) payable to the State, which could potentially create a hole upwards of $4 million in Darien's municipal budget that may need to be made up either through reductions in services or increased taxes.  In addition, there is a proposal to add an additional mill to our local real estate property tax rate, with the money going directly to the State (that alone would amount to a 6% tax increase for Darien property owners).

Two bills have been filed calling for regionalization of local school districts, both filed by State Senate leadership, including one by our own Senator Bob Duff.  If approved, this could mean Darien and New Canaan would become one school district. Wilton would join the Norwalk system. Other ideas for regionalizing local services such as Health Departments are in the works.  The net effect is to push government further away from local accountability but closer to Hartford.

The Democrats spent last fall’s campaign shouting “TRUMP! TRUMP!” at the top of their lungs as the ultimate head fake, to avoid discussing their real radical agenda: increasing centralization of local government functions, and transferring wealth from the “Gold Coast” towns of Fairfield County to pay for bloated union contracts and mismanaged cities.  In the case of Senator Bob Duff, a mailer sent this past week outlining his legislative agenda made no mention of any of these proposals. The Senator is being disingenuous to a breathtaking level.

The Connecticut Democrats will continue to pursue their tactic of trying to focus you on Washington, to keep your attention away from their actions in Hartford.  Do not be fooled. Take action by contacting your senators and representatives to fight back against this radical agenda, before the Connecticut we know and love disappears.

John Boulton


The writer is the former chairman of Darien's Board of Education