A male jogger was bitten by a dog on Saturday, Dec. 22 at the corner of Saltbox Lane and the Post Road, Darien Police said.

He told Darien Police that at about 1 p.m. he was jogging on sidewalk adjacent to the Post Road, near the intersection of Saltbox Lane. As he jogged, a woman with a dog on a leash (the man believed it was a German Shepard) was walking towards him.

In order to avoid the woman and the dog, he moved from the sidewalk to the roadway. As he passed, the dog had enough slack on its leash that it was able to lunge at him and bite him on the hamstring, Darien Police said. The man said the woman was on the phone and initially didn’t realize that her dog had bitten him. The woman apologized and the two parted without further incident, Darien Police said. The man went home and sought medical attention.

After some time had passed, the man thought it best to file a report of the incident which he did about 7 p.m. the same day. Darien Police's animal control officer has located the dog owner and is following up on the incident.