Holmes fifth graders Addie Althoff and Charlotte Palen wrote the following poem for their school's Veterans Day ceremony:

Veterans are brave, kind, and strong,

You stay away from your family and home for long,

You don’t do it for the fame and glory,

You do it to defend our country,

We thank our veterans for what they do,

Because no matter what, they power through,

They prove the American flag worthy,

And they make sure to always show courtesy

You serve on land, in the sky, and sea,

You fight in the battles, and make sure we are free,

You swoop down from the air, and fight in the ocean,

You make us proud even with a single motion

It makes us all so joyful when you return home one day,

How you stay strong and make everything okay,

You help each other out and work as a team,

Army, Navy, Air force, Coastguards, and the Marine

For your bravery, hard work, and dedication to our country, we thank you.